DerbySoft's core competency is in connectivity and the distribution of various hotel data to demand partners around the world.


In a perfect world, the promises of automation, efficiency, and ease offered to electronic distribution by XML messaging would be fully realized.  But it's not a perfect world.  Despite the growth and adoption of Open Travel Alliance and Hotel Technology Next Generation standards, direct connections between the supply side and demand side are usually very costly to establish and maintain, and almost always they impose significant limitations on one partner or both partners.  Old school switch connections and simple channel manager connections can suffice, but here again, they impose limitations.  DerbySoft's approach to connectivity is that we must adapt in whatever way is required partners.   


Unique in the industry, our platform was designed from the start as a distributed system.  The traditional model employs servers in a single physical location, and all data, regardless of where it originates, must travel to that location before it can be routed to its ultimate destination.  In contrast, DerbySoft maintains server clusters around the globe.  The advantages of this architecture for DerbySoft's partners are obvious:  fast performance for all partners regardless of their location, built-in redundancy, and extraordinarily fast and easy scalability. 


Our model is simple and straightforward--we charge a modest fee for each booking.  The fee structure is tiered, so as volume goes up, the average fee per booking goes down.  Also, we charge a one-time fee for the initial integration--the amount we charge is only a portion of our actual development and certification costs, so in the spirit of partnership, we are absorbing the remaining portion of the initial costs.


DerbySoft serves all of the top ten global hotel groups, all of the largest third-party central reservations systems, many regional and continental chains, and thousands of independent properties.
On the demand side, almost every major and mid-sized OTA in the world, along with several of the largest global tour operators, works with DerbySoft.