Customer Success Stories

We asked our customers: what is different about DerbySoft? Here’s what they had to say:



“They’re very flexible and able to meet what we need as a distribution partner….They’re quick, their speed to market is so fantastic. When we need something, we have a new need that just cropped up in the marketplace, we can go to them and they’re going to turn on a dime.”



“I’d really consider the folks at DerbySoft friends of mine. I really enjoy working with them. They’re very approachable, they’re very responsive and I like that. I do have a good relationship with other partners, but DerbySoft is a little special. To me, anyway.”


Ice Portal

“I think DerbySoft fits our culture almost 100 percent. Culture-wise, our company and DerbySoft are very much alike. They’re very passionate and focused with open transparency.”



“DerbySoft has always been there for asking questions. They’re always available. I think that’s the biggest thing for me. They listen to the customers involved in the supply side and the distribution partners.”


Tourico Holidays

“I believe they’ve cloned themselves, because whether it’s in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning, anywhere in the world, you’ll get an answer from anyone in the team. And that’s the most important thing… If you’ve got someone on the other side that you know is there and you trust, it’s literally priceless.”



“Great company to work with. They’ve been very helpful… very knowledgeable. The team is phenomenal so it’s just been a wonderful experience. You don’t walk into a room and they tell you there’s only one way to do it… you talk with them and determine the best approach and they look at it industry-wide and how it’s going to benefit everybody.”


Costco Travel

“I think the big difference with DerbySoft is that we are viewed as partners rather than clients. We are reaching out with our problem, and DerbySoft are working and addressing those problems and coming up with solutions to help us, so that’s been a big difference.”


John Burns, Consultant

“DerbySoft came to the market with a different philosophy. It was much more customer service oriented and people liked it. People said they’re like a partner that not only wants to work with us, but is willing to make extra efforts to bring success to us. So it has been an interesting, unique philosophy that has succeeded.”


HotUSA Hotels

“The people at DerbySoft help us to find ways to collaborate. We feel very supported by the team at DerbySoft.”


Hotech IT Systems

“I was very surprised because I expected a Chinese company, and instead I discovered a world company. This was also very good for me because the tourism ‘family’ is a world ‘family’ and that is exactly what I discovered with DerbySoft, and this makes it easier to work with them.”