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Our Management Team


Ted Zhang


Ted cofounded and runs DerbySoft. He frequently shuttles between our Shanghai headquarters and the U.S. where he spends time with his family. Ted has seventeen years of experience in travel distribution as well as many years of engineering experience in Silicon Valley. Side note: Ted is the company’s badminton expert.

Feng Ou


Feng cofounded DerbySoft and serves as the technical leader. He has almost two decades of experience in travel technology, but he has also served in a variety of engineering roles in New York and Silicon Valley. He spends most of his time in Shanghai, but spends a lot of time with his Dallas-based family. Side note: Feng developed one of the first derivatives trading systems while he worked on Wall Street.

Keith Cotton

SVP Global Business

Keith is well-known throughout the travel distribution industry. He started his career at Holiday Inn where he helped to launch their first home-grown PMS and establish their online presence, and later he had stints with THISCO, Pegasus, and HBSi before joining DerbySoft in 2011. Keith has overall responsibility for DerbySoft’s operations outside of China, and he also oversees the Build/Go and Click teams. Side note: Keith grew up in the Panama Canal Zone.

Rachel Neal

VP Connectivity

Rachel has responsibility for Build, the custom connectivity service upon which DerbySoft was originally built, and also for Go, our new, streamlined connectivity service. She served in various technical and engineering roles at Orbitz, Travelweb, and Pegasus and brought to DerbySoft a deep understanding of the technical side of our industry when she joined us in 2011. Side note: Rachel recently jumped out of a perfectly good airplane.

Dario Gonzalez

VP Architecture

Dario brought to DerbySoft 25 years of experience in hotel technology. While he was at IHG, he and the DerbySoft team jointly developed Change Discovery Service, a technology that drastically reduces messaging volume while simultaneously increasing accuracy and that is now part of the Open Travel Alliance specification. Side note: Dario loves visiting St. Petersburg, Russia.


Ken Nishizu

VP and General Manager of Marketing Services

Ken joined DerbySoft as VP and General Manager of Marketing Services in March of 2017. Previous to joining DerbySoft, Ken served different roles with Hilton International over the last past eight, offering his expertise in online hotel distribution, digital marketing, and e-commerce for the large hotel chain. As VP and General Manager of Marketing Services, Ken now brings his deep understanding and knowledge of the hotel industry to DerbySoft.

Wei Xia

VP New Products and Services

Wei oversees the marketing services technical team. He also provides the vision for new ways to help hotels benefit from the intersection of hotel data and marketing platforms including metasearch engines and social media sites. He joined DerbySoft in 2014 after serving in various technology roles in large companies in the U.S. and China. Side note: Wei is a voracious reader.

David He

VP, China Business Line GM

David oversees the China Business Line which includes Connectivity services for the chain hotels, DH6 for independent hotels, and other product and services in China. Prior to DerbySoft, he held various roles at Qunar, eLong, Ctrip, MangoCity and more. With more than 20 years of travel, aviation and hotel experience, he deeply understands both the industry and the Chinese market. Side note: David’s chosen occupation may have something to do with his passion for traveling!

Jin Zhou

VP China Hotel Platform

Jin has a long history at DerbySoft having joined the company in 2003. He currently oversees the team that manages and markets DerbySoft distribution tools for independent hotels located in China including DH6 and DHPlatform. Side note: On weekends Jin is likely to be found hiking a mountain.