Premier Connectivity Award 2023 recently designated DerbySoft as a Premier Connectivity Partner for 2023 and continues to our commitment to all of our partners.

The Premier Connectivity Partner Award confirms that the DerbySoft Connectivity teams, including Client Managers, Engineers, Implementation Analysts, and many more around the globe, have demonstrated excellent performance across the board for and their connections.’s Partner Program reviews and scores all partnerships based on a set of growth and performance categories the company considers critical:

Business Value
The Overall Growth and Quality of Business Onboarding

Property Performance
Helping Suppliers Reach High Performance on

Products and Quality
Keeping Communication Channels Clear from End to End Between the Platform and Suppliers

Sharing Feedback and Being Actively Involved with and their Initiatives

“It’s an honor to be awarded Premier Connectivity Partner again for 2023,” states Duane Overgaard, President of Connectivity and Senior Vice-President of DerbySoft, “which further demonstrates our commitment to and all of our industry partners and employees.”

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, DerbySoft has grown to over 400 employees around the globe, processes 12 million room nights per month and works with over 240,000 properties globally.

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