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Custom Connectivity for the Hospitality Industry

Build is a custom connectivity platform for hotels and their distributors. It provides fast and accurate communication to all clients, regardless of their geographic location.As a connectivity platform, Build also offers an alternative to building a direct connection with each of your partners in the hospitality business.

Features and functionality

Build routinely handles all combinations of every data delivery method currently in use, including push, pull, hybrid, and Change Discovery Service. Build technology offers:
  • Unlimited, totally customized configurations

  • Fastest time to market

  • Fastest message response times regardless of geography

  • Highest accuracy

  • Smallest load on the CRS

  • Customized dashboards and reports

How Do We Connect?

Read more about DerbySoft connectivity by numbers:


Nearly 1,000 servers around the globe—fast response time, no matter where you’re located


Around 10 billion data points maintained continually and accurately


259 pairings (connections between a supplier and a demand partner)


No rate code limitations


hundreds of milliseconds average response time


No room type limitations


77,000 unique properties; 180,000 property instances

Contact Us for more Information

Build is a fully customised service, so the costs vary based on a number of factors. Please contact us for more information — we would love to learn about your needs, explore how we might help, and discuss next steps.

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