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What is MetaSearch Manager?

DerbySoft offers a solution for digital marketing and metasearch challenges for hotels and advertising agencies for hotels via the Digital Marketing Suite and the MetaSearch Manager tool. This solution uses machine learning and rich data to automate the bidding process for hotels on metasearch engines, search outlets and social media channels. By working with DerbySoft and the Digital Marketing Suite, customers have increased booking conversions and revenue while reducing loads on their own CRS. The MetaSearch Manager gives hotels the control to manage, scale and automate advertising campaigns around the world.


  • Overview
  • Metasearch Management
  • Reporting and Analysis

DerbySoft is the only company that offers ARI from the Connectivity Suite as well as Content from the Content Suite to work alongside a hotel’s digital marketing efforts. This unique mix of data from the CRS and Content allows hotels to successfully manage, analyze and optimize their marketing campaigns.


    Keep the power of digital marketing in your hands.
    Running large scale digital marketing campaigns across multiple metasearch engines at the same time can be challenging, and DerbySoft’s MetaSearch Manager makes these efforts easier, more effective and more cost-conscious through automated bidding, machine learning and rich data.


    Protect your system from the millions of hits generated by metasearch engines.
    DerbySoft’s proprietary Dynamic Data Storage for hotels buffers a hotel’s CRS by responding to a large volume of shopping queries within milliseconds and reduces the load on the CRS by 80%.


    Maintain your rates and availability with metasearch engines quickly and accurately.
    DerbySoft is the leading connectivity solution in the industry, synching hotel content and ARI with a single connection to a CRS through one XML interface making this data available to all metasearch engines connected to its proprietary metasearch platform.

The Benefits of MetaSearch Manager


    Every booking that avoids a 20% commission
    to an OTA represents a 25% boost to your revenue from that booking.


    Listings of a hotel’s own website in metasearch results is key to increased direct bookings.

Direct bookings allow you to:

Own the guest pre/post stay relationship

Add value to your website with inbound link traffic.

Gain insight from experienced Digital Marketing Managers and analytics tools

Experts in metasearch and MetaSearch Manager are available to every client.

Grow your outreach to a wide range of metasearch channels

These include Google, Wego, Skyscanner, TripAdvisor, Kayak and Trivago.

Our industry-leading MetaSearch Manager tool enables hotel companies and their digital marketing agencies to better optimise a wide range of marketing channels.

  • The Features of MetaSearch Manager
  • The Benefits of MetaSearch Manager
  • Cross-Channel Campaign Management

  • Machine Learning Algorithm

  • Report Creator

  • Custom Dashboards

  • LinkCenter Attribution

  • Customized Access per User

  • Marketing Feed Manager

  • Hotel hub and budget manager

  • Sponsored Display Ads for Travel

The Benefits of MetaSearch Manager


    Campaign briefs make the complex simple by automatically translating commercial needs to each channels bidding strategies


    Removes the day-to-day mundane management, automatically execute bids and consolidates reports for all channels


    Machine learning forecasts and predicts the best bid faster than a person can


    Customizable dashboards gives you the channel metrics most important to you at a hotel property level

The MetaSearch Manager includes a robust reporting suite that can be customized at both broad and granular levels.
Boasting a state-of-the-art algorithm technology allows you, the customer, to:

  • Quickly View the Performance Across All Meta-Distribution Channels

  • View as Dynamic Pieces
    of Information

  • Export and Combine with Metrics from Other Digital Marketing Initiatives

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