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DerbySoft provides 24/7 support at the CRS level for our Build and Click partners, but we do not provide support at the property level. If you are at a property and need help, please find below the relevant contact point for the hotel group with which your property is associated. If your CRS provider is not listed below, please contact your GDS or e-Distribution/OTA support organization or department for assistance:


Please contact your Hotel Specialist in the Americas or your Distribution Supervisor in Dublin or Singapore.


Please contact Data & Channel Management team, via phone (866-953-4570) email


Please contact Hilton Online Revenue Analysis Group via email at


Please contact Hyatt GDS Support via email at


Please reach out to the IHG OTA Helpdesk via email at


Please contact the MyRequest Support Help Desk at or 1-800-533-4532/ 1-506-640-8993

General Inquiries:

Human Resources: Jobs or

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