DerbySoft Awarded Expedia Group 2023 Elite Partner Status

Experience Our High-Quality Connection with Expedia

Today, DerbySoft is excited to announce we have earned status as an Elite Connectivity Partner for 2023 with Expedia Group. This recognition underscores our focus on building and maintaining a high-quality software connection that empowers you to serve guests better and grow your business on Expedia.

You can count on our high-quality software connection to take you to the next level this year. We qualified for Elite Partner status because of our commitment to:

  • Improving Traveler Experiences on Expedia
  • Developing Integrated Tools + Capabilities to a High Standard
  • Providing a Quality Technical Connection to Expedia with a Reliable User Experience
  • Delivering Exceptional Performance Outcomes on Expedia to our Clients
  • Engaging with the Expedia Team to Continually Optimize Tools + Capabilities

The Expedia Group Connectivity Partner Program recognizes and rewards top software companies for maintaining high-quality software connections to Expedia Group’s platform and helping lodging partners grow their businesses. There are two status tiers: Elite is the top tier status, followed by Preferred. Only 11 companies qualified for Elite status this year, with over 400 global property management software companies eligible.

We are proud to share this news with you, and we look forward to providing more value to you in the year ahead.

Thank you for your partnership.

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