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Streamlined Connectivity to Fit Your Specific Needs

Go is DerbySoft’s connectivity service for distributors of all sizes, and it offers quick, easy access to hotel suppliers’ rates and availability. Connect once to Go and you’ll bypass the long connection queues that most suppliers maintain and get to market with one or more of them as soon as you are ready.

Go offers fully-realized, robust connections to suppliers much like Build, our custom connectivity solution, but at a fraction of the cost and time. You own the relationship with each supplier and negotiate your commercial terms with them, but Go eliminates the technical hurdles.

Features and Functionality

Go partners benefit greatly from the connectivity technology offered by Build. They enjoy the same robust, fast, scalable, and feature-rich connections that are part of our custom service. Go offers two ways to gain access to the global hotel groups:

Use the Go API to connect your own platform

This allows you to connect to suppliers while retaining your own platform and all its functionality. You have a direct relationship with each supplier and access their rates and availability, and they receive your bookings through Go. If you don’t have a platform or cannot write to the Go API,

Login to Go

This is the fastest path to start booking with your hotel partners. You can start as soon as the online account is set up.

What is the difference between Go and Build?

Go Build Differences


Is there a downside to Go?
Go is the fastest and easiest way to enjoy the equivalent of direct connections to each of the big hotel groups, but there is less flexibility. Go has many benefits and could be the solution for you, but if you do require a unique connection, Build is better suited to your needs.
Go sounds good to me, but what’s in it for the hotel groups?
The hotel groups love having more and more demand for their rooms. However, building direct connections from their CRS to every travel company simply isn’t realistic, especially if the volume of bookings generated by a travel company won’t cover the high cost of building and maintaining the connection. Go enables the hotel companies to have direct commercial relationships with travel companies and the equivalent of a direct technical connection, but all of the hard tech work is handled by DerbySoft.
Isn’t the Go API just the standard OTA spec?
No, the Go API isn’t actually even OTA-compliant, but in a good way. We support the OTA, but having built over 250 fully customised direct connections, we were uniquely positioned to develop a proprietary API that is better than the OTA specification, is easy to write to, and covers the overwhelming majority of use-cases so that nearly any seller of hotel rooms can easily do business with nearly any supplier.

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Go is DerbySoft’s connectivity service for small and mid-sized distributors, and it offers quick, easy access to hotel suppliers’ rates and availability — we would love to learn about your needs, explore how we might help, and discuss next steps.

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