Create Your Google Pay Per Stay Campaign

A New Risk-Free Strategy for Google Hotel Ads that Allows Hotels to Pay Only When the Guest Stays

July 23, 2020– In partnership with Google, DerbySoft is launching a new commission strategy for the campaigns that will help to keep the visibility of hotels at no risk: Pay Per Stay.

The addition of Google Pay Per Stay in Click to the existing Cost Per Click bidding strategies enables greater efficiencies for our partners to activate multiple bidding options for hotels from one single platform.

This new bidding strategy allows partners to pay only when the guest stay has actually occurred, removing any risk of cancellation for the partner.

What does it mean?
The commission will be paid only for the checked-out bookings, therefore there is no risk overspending and low returns on investment.

How does the strategy work?
The commission is set up as a percentage of the total amount of revenue of the checked-out bookings. This commission is not fixed and can be manually changed during the course of the campaign depending on the profitability goal and results.

How are the cancellations and no-shows being reported?
In addition to the Pay Per Stay strategy implementation in Click, DerbySoft has built a booking reconciliation tool. This feature is designed to allow the hotels to share the status of their bookings for commission campaigns with the channels for the correct invoicing.

How do I activate the program?
With the new integration under Commission Campaigns in Click, you can launch your Pay Per Stay campaigns today.

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