DerbySoft Fuels Office Expansion in Barcelona + Announces Major Milestone

DALLAS, Texas and BARCELONA, Spain, October 6, 2021— DerbySoft, the leading provider of high-performance distribution services for the global travel industry, hits a major milestone in September 2021 by processing 12 million hotel room nights per month and announces the growth of the Barcelona office.

Both of these announcements are highlights to the industry after what has been coined as an unprecedented past 18 months. These net booking numbers, largely derived from domestic travel within North America, demonstrates the steady increase in the past two years, fueling the need for more technology-focused employees in all of the six offices but primarily in Barcelona, Spain.

“Like all travel industry companies, our growth was significantly impacted by the onset of COVID-19, but our growth has been steadily increasing since the initial two months of the outbreak,” states Keith Cotton, General Manager for DerbySoft. “This growth enables us to tap into the talent pool available in Barcelona and provide broader time zone coverage for our customer service and support.”

The Barcelona office was initially established to meet the needs of European travel partners; however, Barcelona is a developing technology hub boasting a large talent pool for technology-focused employees including Software Engineers, Product Managers and QA Engineers.

“The growth that the company has continued to exceed in the past year is exceptional in light of the pandemic,” states Melissa Wong, regional HR Director for DerbySoft. “As we continue to grow, we are investing in our employee base in Barcelona to support our clients globally and locally. We are excited to expand our team of talented professionals in the region.”

DerbySoft currently partners with over 240,000 hotel properties and 320 distributors and processes 12 million room nights per month while creating the next generation of travel technology infrastructure.

About DerbySoft

DerbySoft’s mission is to make the travel business easier through industry-leading technology that empowers travel industry services. The company supports technology for  Connectivity Services at the CRS and PMS levels, Marketing Services which uses machine learning and rich data to drive high-performing marketing campaigns and a Content platform that collects, manages and distributes quality hotel content.

DerbySoft’s technology empowers the travel industry around the globe. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, DerbySoft serves partners in 197 countries around the world. To learn more about the company’s services and how to work with DerbySoft, visit