Innovation is Key to Our Future

DerbySoft enables travel companies to work together through technology and innovation by providing high-performance distribution services to Suppliers, Distributors, Metasearch Engines, and a variety of other travel technology providers to conduct digital commerce efficiently and effectively. While Connectivity and Digital Marketing solutions are the keystones for the company, innovation and expertise with industry-leading technology are the foundations for DerbySoft.

Ticketing with Theme Parks

The Walt Disney Company selected DerbySoft as a vendor for its next-generation connectivity distribution platform, and DerbySoft is providing Connectivity services for US-based theme parks and resort rooms as well as packages to a variety of global OTAs.

Currently, DerbySoft is developing 27 different, global connections with The Walt Disney Company in a variety of combinations (tickets, resort rooms, and packages), with the first launch going through SunCoast followed by Costco Travel, Hotelbeds, and Virgin Holidays.

Stay up to date with the launches in the coming weeks through DerbySoft’s Linked-In page.

Expanding Global PMSs

DerbySoft has developed Connectivity at the central reservation system (CRS) level for Suppliers for two decades, and in recent years, DerbySoft has developed Connectivity at the property level putting the power of a larger CRS inside a hotel’s property management system (PMS). Working with leading PMS providers including Oracle, Infor, Protel and Agilisys, and many more, DerbySoft developed the Property Connector that empowers hotels to connect through one single connection using real-time hotel data with the highest accuracy with a hotel’s ARI.

DerbySoft’s Property Connector is a great solution for independent, small and medium-sized hotel properties that are looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their PMS.

Virtual Credit Card Partnership

The baVel Payment Manager by Voxel is a travel industry-specific B2B payment channel, which enables travel companies to seamlessly send payments to suppliers, taking advantage of an entire ecosystem of payment service providers featuring multiple forms of payment through a single integration.

Like what DerbySoft is known for with ARI between Suppliers and Distributors, DerbySoft is connecting the baVel Payment Manager at the Supplier level with third-party payment providers such as Amex, Xanderpay, Visa, Mastercard, and many other global payment providers.

About DerbySoft

DerbySoft’s mission is to make the travel business easier through industry-leading technology that empowers travel industry services. The company supports technology for Connectivity Services at the CRS and PMS levels, Marketing Services which uses machine learning and rich data to drive high-performing marketing campaigns and a Content platform that collects, manages and distributes quality hotel content.

DerbySoft’s technology empowers the travel industry around the globe. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, DerbySoft serves partners in 197 countries around the world. To learn more about the company’s services and how to work with DerbySoft, visit

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