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February 19, 2018

Additional Callouts Appearing on Google Hotel Ads

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Additional Callouts Appearing on Google Hotel Ads

Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve noticed more than one callout on Google Hotel Ads.Additional Callouts on Google

Previously, a callout would display only if an advertiser reached position 1. Now Google has started to make this feature available to advertisers in positions 2 and below.

You can see two callouts under the top two advertisers on the image– the first being from and the other by LastMinuteTravel. These ads have appeared on placements for both Google Maps and Local Universal. Considering the rates offered by the advertisers vary, we will inevitably start to see a change in the distribution of clicks across the top four advertisers.

So what does DerbySoft recommend moving forward with these additional callouts on Google?

There’s no action required on your end if you are currently using callouts– just note that Google does not report on the performance of callouts so optimizing for specific messages is difficult. We recommend to continue using callouts to differentiate your brand from others so users are encouraged to click on your ad.

We will continue working with Google to monitor the results on these additional callouts and post any updates here.

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