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September 20, 2018

Get Started on Bing Hotel Ads with DerbySoft

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Add a New Channel to Your Hotel Digital Marketing Mix

Earlier this year, Bing announced the inclusion of Hotel Ads as a part of their search platform. Derbysoft has been working closely with Bing as partners to begin offering the new channel to hotels.

DerbySoft is pleased to announce Bing Hotel Ads can now be managed within the DerbySoft Click platform giving hotels the ability to control their metasearch channel mix all in one place.

Extending Your Market Reach

Gaining access to a new metasearch channel presents a great opportunity to expand a hotel’s advertising reach, especially one that will offer a greater click volume to complement their existing metasearch channel mix.

This access presents an opportunity to hotels to increase direct web traffic, something hotels cannot afford for OTAs to claim uncontested by not participating.

Bing Hotel Ads Built for Campaigns

Within the DerbySoft Click platform, hotels can build their Bing Hotel Ad campaigns. These campaigns give hotels control over their bids and budgets across multiple groups providing them with the flexibility to target different user countries and hotels as well as choosing different bid strategies for each group.

Familiar Bidding Objectives

Within the campaigns and for each ad group, DerbySoft has maintained the familiar bidding strategies available for other channels.

Each strategy also takes into account several bid multipliers, some of which include:

Device Type
User Country
Length of Stay
Check-In Day
Advance Booking Window

This will make it easier to translate a hotel’s marketing goals into a position based on ROAS focused objective.

Get Up and Running

DerbySoft knows Bing Ads will be an important metasearch channel, especially if the key markets for your hotel are based in the United States or United Kingdom.

If you’d like to get started on Bing Hotel Ads, DerbySoft can guide you through the process of setting up your hotel account structure and hotel feed with Bing. Simply get in touch with DerbySoft today to start your bidding.

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