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October 30, 2018

Google Aligns Hotel Search for Desktop and Mobile

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Google has updated its desktop hotel search to a more user friendly experience. For some time, hotel searches displayed between mobile and desktop has been inconsistent, but now, there is a new update from Google that aligns desktop hotel searches to match the look and feel of its mobile hotel experience.

What has Changed

You can now see these updates on a desktop. After searching for a hotel, click into the hotel interface from the search engine results page– You can now see Google’s new grid view which displays the hotels matching your search.

The grid view now makes it easier to filter down the search results. By using the the map, you can zoom and move the map by dragging your cursor. You can also change the date, price ranges and review from this screen.

Filter by Deals

Users are able to filter search results to display just the deals. This was previously available on the desktop user interface, however, it is now easier for users to find hotels, and this update also makes it easier for price-sensitive searchers to filter discounted hotel rooms.

By aligning desktop searches to match their mobile user interface, Google is also able to display additional features which were introduced earlier this year. Some of these features include similar hotels, reviews and location summaries.

The hotel page view is also tabbed for users to view prices, reviews, photos and details on a hotel. This makes it easier for users to find the information they are searching for to make a more sound decision.

Ultimately, Google is aiming to provide searchers with a better user-experience, and the change to a consistent UX across desktop and mobile will help searchers with their hotel research to make the best decision when it comes to booking a hotel.

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