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October 10, 2016

One by DerbySoft: Update and Features Revealed

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After a year of hard work, effort and enthusiasm, One by DerbySoft’s online distribution platform has publicly launched!

One is an integrated tool targeted at independent hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts. It offers a series of different modules including a website builder, online booking engine, central real-time content updates, and a channel manager. What’s more there are upcoming modules soon to be available for metasearch management, WeChat and GDS. All services are specially designed to solve an independent hotelier’s problems and improve the property’s online distribution.

One has loads of fantastic benefits. It’s not only time-saving and easy to use, but low cost (with a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL) and gives small hotels the opportunity for more online exposure, more direct reservations, and more revenue.

Key features of One

Now it’s publicly launched we wanted to show off some of the amazing features of the One tool in more detail.

Central management

To get on-board and access the platform we first ask you to enter some basic information about your hotel. This basic information is introduced in the content management system called Central. It takes just 5 minutes and it consists of:
1. Adding some basic information about the hotel
2. Adding 1 room type
3. Adding 1 rate

It then asks if you would like to continue the set-up process.

content management One by DerbySoft

When the set-up is finished, that is to say, all the content of the hotel is created and you are happy, this can be distributed automatically to all the modules you subscribe to. So simple and hassle-free!

Rates and occupancy

Some hoteliers set a price per room and day, and may consider to offer the option for solo travellers to book a double room for a slightly lower price. We know how important these options are, so have developed our tool to show this information before setting up room types. Making your life easier.

rates and occupancy

Master Rate /Derived Rate

This feature has been one of the favourites amongst our hoteliers. Once you discover how to leverage it you will never look back!

Our tool allows you to create just one rate code. This means all your offers, discounts, advance purchases, and early bird promotions can be based on that unique Master Rate.

The best part is that those rates can be created and distributed per channel as required, so each channel can have its own rate. We know price parity is one of the key factors to a successful online distribution, so the hotel’s own website can always offer a special promotion to their loyal clients who book directly through them.

We know hoteliers do not have time to add rates year over year, therefore the dates will be auto-populated with the start and end date of the master rate that they chose. Hoteliers will only have to change values if they need it.

Channel management

There are just three simple steps to map the hotel’s rooms.

  1. Activate
  2. Map rooms
  3. Go live and start getting reservations from your channels!

Channel management

Hoteliers were impressed how easy it is to connect to any channel they want.

The inventory released due to a cancellation that has occurred in any channel will be updated automatically in the inventory pool. Isn’t it amazing not having to log-in every time you receive a cancellation to release the available room to sell?

Plus we have a pool inventory feature that means free rooms are available to all the channels at the same time. No allotment means better chances to reach 100% occupancy rate.

The website builder

Hoteliers can use one of five fully responsive hotel website templates: Standard hotel, Boutique hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Resort and City Hotel.


Metasearch Manager

Understanding how metasearch engines work and how to leverage them is key for any hotel business to compete online nowadays. But not all properties have the same budget and resources, right? We are soon to offer this simple and affordable tool so independent hotels can have their properties on each metasearch channel and be able to increase direct reservations to their hotel websites. If you would like to know more about metasearch, check our free eBook: Metasearch For Independent Hoteliers.

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