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October 4, 2016

Learning MetaSearch Webinar Session 1.1: What is MetaSearch?

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Welcome to our Learning Metasearch series!

In our continued efforts to better inform the hospitality industry we have constructed a helpful free series of webinars.

In this series, we help all who are interested to learn the fundamentals of metasearch. Plus we cover all of the influencing factors needed to better decide on its value to ownership and management of hospitality operations.

Webinar 1 – What is Metasearch?

Metasearch – you’ve heard a lot about it, but do you really know what’s going on right now? So often those service providers that offer the ability necessary to enter into the metasearch channels keep you in the dark about how it’s getting done, and what’s even getting done.

This might include complicated bid strategies, ever changing options and a whole lot of financial demands. Or worse yet, they simply toss you the keys and say “you figure it out!”. So the team at DerbySoft decided to pull back the vale on metasearch. To explain sensible, easy to understand options. Discover the best strategies and best practices right here.

Yes this series of webinars are free, and yes DerbySoft hopes you consider us as a service provider as you become more familiar with the metasearch space. However, our metasearch manager tool might not be for everyone, and that’s not why these webinars are designed.

They’re for awareness. Too much money is being funnelled through to the Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) via metasearch platforms, when quite frankly that revenue should be going directly to you.

Most of you may not be aware of what options exist in the metasearch space. Those who are, might find it difficult to keep up with the almost daily changes along with all the other industry changes we’re being tasked to keep pace with.

The team at DerbySoft feel it’s better to have an educated client, even if the client is not ours. Yes, in these webinars we even refer to other services that may be a better fit for your particular metasearch need.


Discover all this in our first introductory webinar:

a. Overview of metasearch channels

b. Pros & Cons of meta

c. KPIs to consider

About the presenter Dean Schmit

Dean Schmit works with DerbySoft Click as Sales Operation Manager. Dean lives in Nebraska with his wife and 7-year old son and hopes to one day star in a remake of Gilligan’s Island – will let you decide for yourself which character!

Learn more about metasearch

Got a question? Want to chat about metasearch services with DerbySoft? You can find out more about our metasearch service Click here, or simply contact our business development team directly:

We’re currently the trusted supplier of metasearch services for numerous big hotel chains across the globe, so you can rely on us to create a bespoke metasearch strategy for your business that really works.

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