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October 3, 2016

Learning MetaSearch Webinar Session 1.2: The Pros and Cons of Assisted Booking

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These webinars, created by the DerbySoft metasearch team, aim to demystify metasearch and provide you with the education you need to move forward with metasearch for your business.

This is the second in a series of webinars built to not only explain metasearch (brought to you in the first webinar that you can access here), but now to continue that conversation and explain the pros and cons of assisted bookings. How is this all connected? That’s why you need to click the video below to discover more!

Webinar 2 – The Pros and Cons of Assisted Booking

Discover more about metasearch in this informative, must-see webinar video. Here’s just some of the key takeaways you will gain from watching the 30-minute webinar:

How metasearch began

We’ll start by looking back at the history of metasearch and how the technology has evolved and developed. TripAdvisor is used as a good example of how metasearch really got going. We talk through how they fixed the drop-off problem for customers going to book on mobile and optimised the whole click-click-book experience.
We then compare the two assisted booking engines – Google and TripAdvisor before giving you some important information on the pros and cons of assisted booking engines.

Plus, all this…

  • How metasearch can improve conversion rates
  • Paid as Commission versus CPC and its impact on your budget
  • When not to use metasearch

If you want to gain a more in-depth understanding about metasearch and the advantages and disadvantages of the marketing tool watch our informative webinar below.

About the presenter Dean Schmit

Dean Schmit works with DerbySoft Click as Sales Operation Manager. Dean lives in Nebraska with his wife and 7-year old son and hopes to one day star in a remake of Gilligan’s Island – will let you decide for yourself which character!

Learn more about metasearch

Got a question? Want to chat about metasearch services with DerbySoft? You can find out more about our metasearch service Click here, or simply contact our business development team directly:

We’re currently the trusted supplier of metasearch services for numerous global hotel chains, so you can rely on us to create a bespoke metasearch strategy for your business that works.

Next up

Need a refresher on what metasearch is? Revisit our first webinar here.

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