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We’ve been helping the hotel sector for many years to use data and digital to build successful businesses. Competition has never been fiercer, margins never finer and driving bookings never more complex.

Simple marketing activity is not enough. To get the most from your budget, your strategies, campaigns and decisions need to be smarter and more accurate.

To achieve this, we have built intelligent technologies that will optimize your budget, audience, channels and results by producing multi-channel campaigns that just work, in your hands or in ours. Hotel Marketing Services expertise, enhanced by intelligent technology.

Many of the World’s Most Successful Channels, Hotels and Industry Partners Choose DerbySoft

Intelligent Marketing Services technology for hotels that want the most from their campaigns

Intelligent Cross-Channel Technology

Creates Perfectly Balanced Campaigns That Blend the Best of the Most Powerful Platforms

Channel Partnerships

That Help You Reach Every Audience, Everywhere and Access 100% of Metasearch Opportunities

Global Presence, Localized Support

Expertise That Speaks Your Language, Wherever You Are

Managed by Our Team or Yours

Hotel Marketing Services Expertise, Enhanced by Intelligent Technology

Click Digital Suite

The Science Behind Smarter Bookings

We drive better results, greater visibility and more bookings using smart technology and years of expertise working with metasearch for hotels. Smart means technology-enhanced decisions and more bookings for your budget.

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The Benefits of Click Digital Suite

Meet Your Commercial Needs
Campaign briefs make the complex simple by automatically translating commercial needs to each channel’s bidding strategies

Focus on Strategy
MetaSearch Manager removes the day-to-day mundane management, automatically execute bids and consolidates reports for all channels

Maximize Potential

Machine learning forecasts and predicts the best bid faster than a person can

Discover Opportunities

Customizable dashboards give you the channel metrics most important to you at a hotel property level

Works with Existing Processes
Every booking that avoids a 20% commission to an OTA represents a 25% boost to your revenue from that booking.


Our industry-leading MetaSearch Manager tool enables hotel companies and their digital marketing agencies to better optimize a wide range of marketing channels.

Cross-Channel Campaign Management
Custom Dashboards
Marketing Feed Manager
Machine Learning Algorithm
LinkCenter Attribution
Hotel Hub and Budget Manager
Report Creator
Customized Access Per User
Sponsored Display Ads for Travel

Rates and Inventory

Meta Channels Shop DerbySoft and Not the Hotel CRS

We align our services
for your success:

Fully Managed

We unify channels, technology and human expertise, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. What we do is super clever, but we’ll make it simple for you.


Innovation through the latest digital technology. We’ve made multi-channel easier than ever. Our intelligent, smart platform creates perfectly balanced campaigns that blend the best of the most powerful platforms, from Google to Trivago.


Tailor made to suit your needs by region, brand, operational type or as you see fit.


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