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Robust Content Services for Higher Booking Conversions

What does Max offer suppliers?

Max is a dedicated one-stop content solution for the collection, management and distribution of static, semi-static and dynamic hotel content to a supplier’s distribution partners.

Easy to Implement
There is little to no development required by suppliers to get their content into DerbySoft. We will code to their specifications, whether that’s an API, XML file, spreadsheet or any combination, in order to get regular content updates. They tell us what content they have, how we can get it, and we do all the rest.

Image Provider Integrations
Whether suppliers are using ICE Portal or Leonardo to manage their images, DerbySoft will be able to download the image data and combine it with their descriptive content to deliver a complete hotel profile to their distributors.

Multilingual Capabilities
Using one of the selected content collection methods, DerbySoft can also collect and distribute supplier content in any language they have available. We can also assist in getting their English content translated by working with their chosen translation provider to integrate with their processes.


Max is not just a content management tool. It includes a support team of experienced content professionals working to ensure hotels have the most complete and up-to-date information for their distributors.

  • Works with suppliers to identify the best content sources and collection methods
  • Assists in fulfillment of distributor specific data requirements
  • Monitors content completeness and works with suppliers to fill gaps
  • Researches and addresses discrepancies

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