DerbySoft Provides Technology for New IHG Flagship Store on Ctrip

IHG® (InterContinental Hotel Group) wants to make it easier for its 100 million IHG® Rewards Club members to be even more loyal by launching the IHG Flagship Store on Ctrip, part of the Group and a leading global online travel services provider.

IHG Rewards Club members can now access their own personalized IHG portal within Ctrip to gain access to exclusive membership offers, stay points and other member benefits from more than 470 IHG hotels across Greater China.

DerbySoft developed the IHG-Ctrip connection in 2012 and has since connected 4,600 IHG properties to Ctrip globally across multiple brands. Standing by the company’s mission of making the travel business easier, DerbySoft has developed a reputation for creating, developing and implementing special projects that make both the company’s mission and the hopes of our partners a reality.


DerbySoft has been a trailblazer before with IHG®. In 2012, DerbySoft developed the first version of what is now known as a Change Discovery Service (CDS) for IHG. When IHG has a change of any size within their ARI, the CDS scans the hotel’s cache and makes the change in the ARI on all distribution platforms. This innovation minimizes the load on our partners’ systems while maintaining high accuracy and has now become standard on all of DerbySoft’s Connectivity Suite offerings for suppliers of all sizes.

“We are proud to provide this new functionality enabling these two global companies the ability to expand their partners,” Duane Overgaard, President of Connectivity for Derbysoft. “This enables consumers to have a broader variety of options and improves their overall experience.”

DerbySoft is looking forward to more projects with IHG that will launch in the coming months.

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