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September 21, 2016

Lola and Hyatt Brought Together By DerbySoft’s New Connectivity Product

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Lola logoInnovative travel service app Lola, which puts users in touch with live travel agents, has partnered with DerbySoft to connect with one of the biggest hotel groups in the world, Hyatt.

With this connection to the Hyatt hotel group and all of its properties, Lola’s expert team of travels agents will have access to crucial and highly accurate rate and availability data. Additionally, bookings made through Lola will be delivered directly to Hyatt’s central reservation system, further streamlining the process.

The link between Lola and Hyatt is “Go,” the newest connectivity service from DerbySoft. Go provides a smoother and more efficient connection process to multiple suppliers, meaning connections can happen in mere weeks instead of months. At least, that’s what Lola experienced in its first connection, to Hyatt. It will only get quicker from there with future connections, such as Sabre Hospitality’s CRS.

DerbySoft’s industry-touted knack for speed and efficiency is what piqued Lola’s interest in the first place. “Numerous suppliers identified DerbySoft as the fastest and easiest way to connect to their systems,” Lola CMO Robert Birge said. “And we can now understand why.”

The partnership between Lola and DerbySoft’s Go service made for a perfect fit, according to Keith Cotton, DerbySoft SVP of Global Business. “We’re so glad to be a partner that supports Lola’s innovative, personalised travel service,” he said.

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