DerbySoft Launches Payment Services in Partnership with Voxel Group

DerbySoft announces an addition to the Connectivity Suite of services to include the newly launched Payment Connector in partnership with Voxel Group, the e-invoicing and payments leaders for the travel industry.

The Payment Connector was developed to provide virtual credit card (VCC) population in booking transactions on OTAs allowing Distributors to integrate this service directly through DerbySoft. Previously, Distributors had to expend extra effort and time to integrate to a separate third-party vendor and then put that agreement into their own messaging.

In addition to reducing time and effort, the Payment Connector does not charge additional service fees for the convenience of using DerbySoft for both Connectivity and Payments. Once a Distributor creates a partnership with Voxel, DerbySoft simply turns on the Payment Connector and a seamless integration is made without disturbing the day-to-day connection.

DerbySoft has successfully integrated the Payment Connector with Voxel and the TUI Group, a leading tourism company with hotel brands around the world.

Amanda Tabor Davis, Director of Product Strategy and Product Owner for Content Suite at DerbySoft, states, “DerbySoft found a need for Payment Service integrations in the market and moved quickly with Voxel to meet the needs of our joint partnership.” Tabor Davis further explains that, “This is a start for DerbySoft and Payment Services. We’re looking into more integrations with third-party payment processors and Distribution partners in the coming months.”

Voxel has been developing technology solutions for large and small companies in the travel industry for the past 20 years and aims to help clients to digitalize 100% of their B2B transactions, from billings to payments. Voxel leads the Open Payment Alliance (OPA), an initiative specially designed for the travel sector that aims to create a differentiated and decoupled B2B payment channel from the distribution channel and aims to become the benchmark for B2B payments in the travel industry.

The TUI Group is the world’s leading tourism group operating in 180 destinations worldwide. Based in Germany, the TUI Group provides comprehensive travel services for over 27 million customers ranging from hotel brands, cruise ships, tour operators and airlines.

DerbySoft plans to add additional payment functionalities with Payment Connector in the coming months including Direct Payments, Hedging and Fraud Prevention.

About DerbySoft

DerbySoft makes the travel business easier by being the leading provider of high-performance hotel distribution. DerbySoft connects distributors and suppliers through the Connectivity Suite by offering streamlined connectivity at both the CRS and PMS levels. DerbySoft also provides solutions for suppliers through the Digital Marketing Suite, which uses machine learning and rich data to drive high-performing digital marketing campaigns, and the Content Suite, a platform for collecting, managing and distributing quality hotel content to drive higher booking conversions and now, Payment Services.

With six offices around the globe and over 300 employees in over 11 countries, DerbySoft continues to grow and develop the next generation of online hotel distribution infrastructure.

About Voxel Group

Voxel Group is broadening new horizons in B2B Payments, eInvoicing and VAT refund technology. It offers leading solutions in eBilling, ePayments and supply chain via its baVel Platform, and boosts new opportunities for corporates in VAT management solutions via DevoluiIVA and Taxecure.

Founded in 1998 in Barcelona, Voxel Group has more than 20 years developing technology solutions with the aim of helping clients in the travel industry digitalize 100% of their billing processes. Currently, we have grown and innovated to continue bringing value in the procurement, billing and payment circuits to all types of businesses, with a strong commitment to efficiency, process improvement and innovation.

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