Digital Marketing Suite WeChat Mini Program Provider

What is The WeChat Mini Program Provider?

The WeChat Mini-Program Provider is a direct sales channel for hotel groups of all sizes within the WeChat ecosystem.

  • Connection to Real-Time Hotel Data

    Supports real-time ARI data via the world-class Connectivity Suite

  • Localized Availability Storage

    High-speed local storage for ARI data within milliseconds

  • Currency Conversion and Settlement

    DerbySoft converts various currencies to RMB and aids hotels in making a settlement in RMB

  • Search by City or Keyword

    Users can search for hotels via a keyword or specific city within the WeChat Mini-Program

  • Booking and Cancellation

    Users have the ability to book and cancel hotel rooms with the WeChat Mini-Program

  • Network Data Security

    The DerbySoft WeCaht Mini-Program Provider is both PCI certified and GDPR compliant

  • Loyalty Program Integration

    Supports current loyalty program integration on top of new member enrollment, points redemption and membership rates and discounts

  • Independent Technology Platform

    WeChat mini Program Provider is independent of the operational side of the hotels and will maintain accurate dynamic data for an excellent booking experience

Case Study

“DerbySoft took only three weeks to develop the WeChat mini-program, integrating with Club Med’s CRS to connect the resorts’ real-time available, rates and inventory (ARI) to the WeChat mini-program. Furthermore, it looks clean and modern while retaining powerful functionalities. Our global customers can search and book any of our resorts by using the mini-program. This has led to the rapid growth of our WeChat direct sales and collaboration with DerbySoft has led to a win-win situation for both sides.”

Olivia Chen, VP of Marketing & Omni Channel China of Club Med

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The WeChat Mini-Program Provider was developed by DerbySoft to help hotel groups create a direct sales channel within the largest social media platform for China to reach Chinese consumers. Please fill out the below form so a DerbySoft team member can follow up with you to discuss and explore your opportunities.

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