What We Offer: Metasearch Engines

Metasearch Engines have a unique relationship with online customers as well as hotel suppliers, and you want to expand your partnerships with both sides. DerbySoft offers solutions geared to you that allows you to list a larger choice of properties on your site as well as increase the amount of content customers can review during the decision-making process. Partnering with DerbySoft allows you access an abundance rich data as well as utilize machine learning that is unparalleled in the industry.
  • Digital Marketing Suite

    The Digital Marketing Suite does cater to hotels and OTAS, but it also serves Metasearch Engines. Through one single connection to DerbySoft, Metasearch Engines can collect accurate data from all the suppliers connected to the MetaSearch Manager, the core tool for all digital marketing efforts for connected suppliers. Having access to the DerbySoft Connectivity Suite allows for rates to appear faster on the MetaSearch Manager while eliminating the need for Metasearch Engines to build direct connections to each supplier. DerbySoft offers an efficient and effective tool for Metasearch Engines to increase bookings and revenue.

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  • Content Suite

    Metasearch Engines have a unique opportunity to work with the DerbySoft Content Suite to build up their hotel partners content on their platform. This hotel personalization uses over 500 hotel attributes and images to position a hotel stand out on your Metasearch Engine and result in a higher booking conversion. You, as the Metasearch Engine, connects to the DerbySoft Content Suite through one direct API which makes the process efficient while being effective.

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