What DerbySoft Offers to: Online Travel Agencies

If you are an Online Travel Agency (OTA), you will want to maximize your online presence for customers. A larger presence will result in higher bookings and more commissions from your supply partners. DerbySoft offers solutions that can increase your presence for customers which allows for increased revenue.
  • Connectivity Suite

    Online Travel Agencies of all sizes can tap into the hundred of suppliers connected to DerbySoft through the Connectivity Suite. DerbySoft offers a streamlined, single connection between you, the OTA, and all the suppliers connected to DerbySoft. This solution eliminates the need and the cost for multiple direct connections all while reducing the time it takes to market. DerbySoft offers the best-in-class technology with the fastest cache and dynamic storage for hotels and the most accurate ARI for your partners.

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  • Digital Marketing Suite

    The Digital Marketing Suite works for OTAs of any size to compete with suppliers on metasearch engines by keeping accurate rates, handling all bidding and offers detailed cross-channel analysis. DerbySoft also protects your platform from tens of millions of daily hits that could potentially crash your website.

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