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If you’re an OTA, you want to maximize your presence in front of online customers. This will increase your bookings and your commissions. Depending on your size, different levels of investment make sense for you.

Discover how DerbySoft’s offerings can benefit your OTA:

Build, the gold standard for custom connectivity, is what the world’s largest hotel groups and OTAs use for highest-volume, mission-critical connections. DerbySoft saves you time and money by eliminating your need to build direct connections with each supplier. Build is a good investment if you are a larger OTA with a higher volume of transactions.

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Go is DerbySoft’s newest offering for smaller OTAs to connect to DerbySoft’s platform. Once connected to Go, an OTA can tap into hotel availability from any DerbySoft supplier at a price that’s tailored for a smaller OTA. The benefit of Go for your business is two-fold: it eliminates the need to build direct connections to each supplier, saving costs; and it bypasses queues for direct connections, saving time in getting to market.

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Click, our full suite of services for metasearch marketing, helps OTAs compete with suppliers on metasearch engines. Click keeps your metasearch rates accurate, handles bidding (for position, or for return on ad spend), and offers detailed cross-channel analysis while protecting your platform from tens of millions of daily hits. Discover how OTAs can benefit from Click as their metasearch management solution.

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