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If you are a Property Management System (PMS) company, you are looking to maximize the performance of your PMS for your hotel customers including front-desk operations, reservations, channel management, rates and occupancy management and so much more. DerbySoft offers a one-central connectivity solution to help your PMS be more efficient with everything your PMS offers, including a higher ARI accuracy, to manage all your distribution channels through one-single connection, avoiding the hassle of managing different channel managers, and saving your support team’s time and effort through a seamless system integration.
  • Connectivity Suite

    PMS companies and hotel or hotel groups of all sizes can connect to DerbySoft’s Connectivity Suite which offers one single connection to access all the distributors connected to DerbySoft. The DerbySoft Connectivity Suite offers a faster speed to market since Suppliers and Distributors only make one connection through DerbySoft and do not have to make multiple direct connections reducing loads on your PMS and allowing customers access to the most up to date availability, rates and inventory you have at that time. This streamlined connectivity benefits a hotel’s PMS.

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  • Digital Marketing Suite

    DerbySoft’s Digital Marketing Suite offers solutions that help hotels use machine learning and rich data to drive high-performance digital marketing campaigns and eliminate commissions to online travel agencies. The MetaSearch Manager, the core tool for partners, was created to ensure the accuracy of rates and manages metasearch bidding as well as gives detailed cross-channel analysis all while lessening the load on a hotel’s PMS. DerbySoft has a team of Digital Marketing Managers who are experts in managing metasearch for hotels. The Digital Marketing Suite is the only truly full-service metasearch management provider that can offer both rich data and machine learning to reduce errors and eliminate wasted money.

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  • Content Suite

    Hotel companies of all sizes can stand out from their competitiors on online travel agencies and metasearch engines by displaying over 500 attributes of their properties through the Content Suite. By working with more than 56 distributors, DerbySoft makes hotel personlization efficient and effective for higher booking conversions. No matter your hotel size, allowing customers to gather rich descriptors during the booking process gives customers confidence that your property is exactly what they are booking.

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