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As a wholesaler or a bedbank, you are a distributor for hotel suppliers. At the same time, you are a supplier for customer-facing distributors like OTAs, tour operators, and others. Depending on your size, DerbySoft offers a tailored solution to make your life easier in managing these connections. Our premier connectivity platform, Build, is the chosen solution for most large hotel suppliers and distributors for its speed and economy. It is highly customizable and is better suited for higher volume businesses. Your dual role as a distributor and a supplier makes Build doubly attractive; connect to DerbySoft once as a distributor and once more as a supplier, and eliminate your need to set up many direct connections to your suppliers and your OTA partners. Build is a great investment for larger wholesalers.

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Smaller wholesalers can now use Go, DerbySoft’s connectivity offering for smaller distributors, to connect to suppliers quickly and easily. By connecting to Go, a wholesaler has immediate access to any DerbySoft supplier. The second benefit of Go for wholesalers is that it removes the need for a direct connection to each supplier, and it also eliminates delays in going to market by avoiding queues for getting connected to the bigger players. Go is a great investment for smaller wholesalers.

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