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What is the Content Suite?

The Content Suite is a comprehensive collection, management and distribution platform for content within the hotel industry. Derbysoft delivers hundreds of key attributes for hotel properties of all sizes to global distributors such as Google, Agoda and

  • 500+ Hotel Attributes
  • 56 Global Distributors
  • MULTI Language Translations


  • Overview
  • What the Content Suite Offers distributors
  • What the Content Suite Offers Suppliers

    Flexible Content Update Options for Suppliers Including Collection from Mulitple Sources


    Content is Normalized to a Consistent Format for Distributors Regardless of the Chain


    A Dedicated Content Team to Proactively Monitor the Quality and Integrity of the Language

Features and Functionality for the Content Suite

  • Collection and Distribution of Content
    Through All Standard Methods

  • Centralized Management and Control
    of Content at the Chain Level

  • Integration with Translation
    and Visual Providers

  • Hotel and Room Level Amenities,
    Services and Features

  • Optimization Tools, Content Analysis and Reports
    to Maintain the Quality and the Integrity
    of the Content Provided

  • World Class Support

The Content Suite is a comprehensive collection, management and distribution platform for static, semi-static and
dynamic hotel content to a supplier’s chosen distribution partners.


    Little to no development required by suppliers to get the hotel content to DerbySoft. DerbySoft will code to a supplier’s specifications – be it an API, XML file, spreadsheets or a combination of the three – in order to get regular content updated. Suppliers tell DerbySoft what the content is, how to get and the rest is up to DerbySoft.


    DerbySoft has existing partnerships with both ICE Portal and Leonardo to access and integrate a supplier’s image data with the descriptive content to complete a hotel profile on a supplier’s chosen distribution partner.


    By using the same selected content collection methods, DerbySoft can also collect and distribute supplier content in any language available. DerbySoft can also assist in getting English content translated by working with a supplier’s chosen translation provider and integrating the translation with their processes.


The Content Suite includes a support team of experienced content professionals who work to ensure hotels have the most complete and up-to-date information on a chosen distribution partner’s website.

  • Work Alongside Suppliers to Identify
    the Best Content Sources and Collection Methods

  • Monitor Content Completeness and
    Work with Suppliers to Fill-In the Gaps

  • Assist in Fulfillment of Specific
    Data Requirements from Distributors

  • Researches and Addresses Discrepancies
    with Images and Content

The Content Suite delivers supplier content to supplier chosen distributors in one, consistent format across suppliers.


    Information on amenities, services
    and facilities are provided in one consistent, structured format across all hotels so the content it easy to search and translate


    DerbySoft partners with translation companies to provide services, amenities and facility descriptions in several languages for all hotels.


    Content tagging of property descriptions, amenities and policies allows distributors to personalize the information shown to customers based on traveler type, the purpose of the trip, the interest of the travelers and much, much more.

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