Connectivity Suite Property Connect

What is the Property Connect?

Property Connect empowers PMS Companies and Suppliers to seamlessly integrate and expand distribution opportunities. Meanwhile, it gives hotels of all sizes the opportunity to work within their already existing PMS, as well as offers Zero Rate Code and Room Type Limitations for PMS Companies and Suppliers through seamless distribution.

  • Property Connect for PMSs
  • Property Connect for Hotels

DerbySoft Continuously Works to Add Value to PMS Companies Through:


    • One Single Connection
    • Smart Pull/Push All Types of Real-Time Hotel Data
    • Faster Response Times
    • Higher ARI Accuracy
    • Real-Time Booking

    • Seamless System Integration
    • Two-Way Communication
    • Two-Way Real-time Sync

    • Enabling PMS Companies to Expand Distribution Reach to:
    • OTAs of All Sizes
    • Wholesalers
    • Tour Operators
    • Travel Agencies
    • Metasearch Channels

Property Connect for Hotels

Empower Distribution Through a Hotel’s Preferred PMS Partner:


    • Connecting to Cloud or an On-Premise PMS System
    • Smart Pull/Push All Type of Real-Time Hotel Data
    • High Accuracy of ARI
    • Real-Time Booking

    • One Single Connection
    • Seamless PMS Integration with Hotel Systems
    • Two-Way Communication
    • Two-Way Real-Time Sync

    • Enabling Custom Distribution Through DerbySoft Partnership:
    • 200+ OTAs
    • 30+ Metasearch Channels
    • Much much more

Property Connect Product Core Value

  • One-Single Connection to Fully Control Distribution

  • Easy Self-Service Platform with Automation

  • Smart Pull/Push All Types of Real-Time Hotel Data

  • Stable, Seamless System Integration

  • High Accuracy of ARI and Real-Time Booking

  • Best-In-Class Distribution Architecture

  • Faster Response Times

  • High-Level Network Data Security

Integrated PMS Partner

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The Property Connect is a single connection tool where any PMS company orhotels of any size who use PMS can connect to distribution channels throughDerbySoft. It offers a seamless transmission of data through multiple option son your PMS. Please fill out the form below so a DerbySoft team member canfollow up to discuss and explore your options.

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