Connectivity Suite

Streamlined Connectivity

Connectivity Suite

Streamlined Connectivity

What is Streamlined Connectivity?

DerbySoft offers Streamlined Connectivity that is universally designed for distributors and suppliers of any size to connect through DerbySoft and have access to over 750 partners connected to DerbySoft. This Streamlined Connectivity is both simple and efficient and offers the most up to date technology for the hospitality and travel industries.

Features and Functionalities of Streamlined Connectivity

Automated Transmission of ARI Updates and Hotel Reservation

Provides One Connection to Multiple Business Parties

Most Efficient Implementation for Connections Within the Hotel Industry

Easy to Use and Stands as a Data Hub for the Industry

The Value Propositions for Streamlined Connectivity


Simple yet Practical
Multiple Complicated Systems
like CRSs and PMSs


Connect Once for Access to All
A Single Implementation to DerbySoft Gives Customers Access to All Partners Connected to DerbySoft


Efficiency is Priority
The Implementation Process is
Smooth and Simple All While Saving Time to Market

Customer Stories

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DerbySoft offers Streamlined Connectivity to distributors and suppliers of all sizes around the world.
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