DALLAS, TX, APRIL 10, 2024— DerbySoft, an innovative global technology company that connects suppliers with distributors and offers a variety of solutions for the hospitality and travel industries, announced today it has been named Premier Connectivity Partner for 2024 by Booking.com

The Premier Connectivity Partner Award confirms that the DerbySoft Connectivity teams, including Client Managers, Engineers, Implementation Analysts, and many more around the globe, have demonstrated excellent performance across the board for Booking.com and their connections. Booking.com recognizes and rewards a select few connectivity partners who achieved excellent results on various performance metrics.

“Booking.com has been a valued partner with DerbySoft for the past 20 years,” states Duane Overgaard, President of Connectivity and Senior Vice-President of DerbySoft. “We’re proud to once again receive the Premier Connectivity Partner Award from Booking.com, highlighting the strength of this partnership and the value and impact DerbySoft delivers through the Booking.com platform.”

Booking.com’s Partner Program reviews and scores all partnerships based on a set of growth and performance categories the company considers critical:

  • Business Value
    The Overall Growth and Quality of Business Onboarding
  • Property Performance
    Helping Suppliers Reach High Performance on Booking.com
  • Products + Quality
    Keeping Communication Channels Clear from End to End Between the Platform and Suppliers
  • Engagement
    Sharing Feedback and Being Actively Involved with Booking.com and Their Initiatives

About DerbySoft
DerbySoft is the Travel Commerce Accelerator, with a mission to converge the diverse elements of travel, creating a unified and efficient ecosystem of connectivity services, high-performing AI-driven marketing services, and an end-to-end content platform. Our world-class services are designed to deliver seamless, frictionless commerce, accelerating the pace at which properties can connect, grow, and optimize profit.

DerbySoft consistently pushes the boundaries of innovation to unlock new opportunities and accelerate travel commerce. Our team of travel industry experts is passionate about uniting people and technology and committed to enhancing every aspect of travel, making it more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for all. Our approach is centered on making travel better – not just for today, but for years to come.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA, DerbySoft’s cutting-edge technology is trusted by the world’s leading online travel distribution partners and hotel companies in 197 countries. To learn more, visit DerbySoft.com.

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