Not all hospitality technology is created equal!

Understanding the compatibility of a technology provider and the end goals for hospitality companies is key to the success on both sides. And DerbySoft understands this and has created a line of industry leading services that is proven successful for over 240,000 properties, over 300 OTAs around the world and more!

Though there are well-established design patterns that many systems share, it remains the case that the way one system handles data can be substantially different from another system resulting in incompatibility.

Some areas of incompatibility between supplier and distributor systems include:

  • API Push & Pull Conflicts
  • Availability Rates and Inventory (ARI) Handling
  • Reservation Delivery
  • Pricing Model Support
  • Inventory Count
  • Restriction Differences

How DerbySoft Solves Compatibility Issues

In 2007, DerbySoft essentially blew up the historic ‘extranets’ that were relied upon between suppliers and OTAs and developed the Cache, one central location, in the cloud that could house, maintain + distribute the most up to date availability, rates + inventory(ARI) the industry had ever seen.

This Cache became the basis for Connectivity Services by DerbySoft so hotel groups like Marriott + IHG could do business with OTAs such as DerbySoft pulled the ARI from the hotels and pushed that ARI to, which in the end reduced costs associated with manual labor with the extranet as well as reduced the opportunity for human error.

Connectivity Services by DerbySoft solves connectivity issues by offering integration and data processing capabilities to connect virtually any supplier to any distributor.

How it works

We make integration possible through a suite of RESTful APIs designed for distributors and suppliers, these APIs facilitate integration to Connectivity Services by DerbySoft’s technology. From there, secure, dynamic storage and data processing handle any required transformation of ARI or reservation data. The system is fine-tuned to deliver real-time direct booking transmission to the supplier’s Central Reservation System (CRS).

Over the past two decades, DerbySoft has fine tuned the way hotel distribution works and is ready to share the knowledge on how you as a supplier or as a distributor (or both) can make the most revenue without sacrificing service or time.

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