Connectivity Suite

Opera Connector

What is the Opera Connector?

The Opera Connector puts connectivity power into a PMS so hotels of all sizes can manage room inventory and
rates across multiple distribution channels which eliminates the need multiple connections and
increases occupancy rates and profitability.

How can the Opera Connector help with your PMS? Expands the Capabilities of Opera PMS

  • Hotel, Product and Distribution Management
  • Internal Mapping Management
  • Additional Configurations – Fees,
    Cancellation Policies, Additional Guest Charges, etc.
  • Rate Calculations
  • Real-Time Availability and Booking
  • Smart Fetching Schedule
  • Supports All Room Types on All Channels
  • Internal Mapping Management
  • Enhanced Data Security Through PCI, Privacy and GDPR Compliances
  • Localized Availability Storage
  • Rate Calculations
  • Additional Configurations
    Like Cancellation Fees, Taxes
    and Child Policies
  • Length of Stay Extension

Key Benefits

  • Access to More Distributors for More Reservations
    and More Revenue at a Lower Cost

  • High-Level Data Security

  • Full Control Over Your Channel
    Distribution Strategy and Operations

  • Increased Operational Efficiency Through One Single Automated Data Connection to all Your Partners

  • Self-Service Console

  • Best-In-Class Distributed Architecture Giving More Stability and Faster Response Time

How is the Opera Connector connected to the Opera PMS?

Interface Types Data Transaction Types Service Level Within Opera PMS Suitable For
ADS Pull & Push Enterprise Hotel Groups
OWS Pull Enterprise to Standard Small & Medium Hotel Groups
OXI Push & Exchange Enterprise to Limited All Hotels (Basic functions)

The Opera Connector Works with distribution channels
and e-commerce platforms

Contact DerbySoft for more information

The Opera Connector is a single connection tool where any hotel already working with Opera PMS can connect to distribution channels through DerbySoft. It offers a seamless transmission of data through multiple options on your Opera PMS. Please fill out the form below so a DerbySoft team member can follow up to discuss and explore your options.

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