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As a tour operator, you package travel services for customers. To make sure you can cater to a wide range of hotel customers, you need access to a wide range of hotel listings. DerbySoft’s solutions provide this access to suppliers, allowing you to compete with OTAs and metasearch engines. Build, our premier connectivity offering, is unmatched in its flexibility, and it remains the world’s highest performing connectivity solution. A single connection to Build enables you to connect to any supplier on the Build platform. Most of the world’s largest OTAs and wholesalers use Build to connect to various hotel groups. As a platform best suited for higher volume projects, Build also makes sense for larger tour operators to connect to hotel groups and wholesalers.

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Click is our suite of metasearch marketing services. It helps suppliers compete with OTAs on metasearch engines. Click ensures accuracy of metasearch rates, manages bidding, and gives detailed cross-channel analysis while shielding your CRS from tens of millions of daily hits. It offers a team of Digital Marketing Managers, experts in managing metasearch. DerbySoft’s Click is the only truly full-service metasearch management provider.

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Tour operators can avoid the hassle of connecting to larger hotel suppliers by using Go, DerbySoft’s latest connectivity offering for smaller distributors. Go makes it unnecessary to establish a direct connection to each supplier, and it also eliminates delays due to long queues for setting up connections. A tour operator, in connecting to Go, can readily tap into any DerbySoft supplier at a lower cost suited to smaller operators.

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