How We Can Help: Tour Operators

Packaging relevant travel services for your customers is key as a Tour Operator, and DerbySoft offers solutions that give you a larger range of hotel listings to choose from which in the end, gives your customers confidence through the booking process and increases your revenue.
  • Connectivity Suite

    DerbySoft offers the Connectivity Suite that Tour Operators can readily tap into through one simple connection through DerbySoft. This eliminates long queues for setting up direct connections with various hotels and offers a fast booking process for Tour Operators. The DerbySoft Connectivity Suite has the fastest cache in the industry which gives you access to the most up to date availability, rates and inventory for hotels connected to DerbySoft.

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  • Content Suite

    Through the Content Suite, Tour Operators have access to over 500 hotel attributes to create personalized packages for your customers. This rich and abundance of data allows you to choose the best fitting property giving you and your customers confidence in the booking process.

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