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August 8, 2018

Bing Hotel Ads Launches Intelligent Search Features

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Bing Hotel Ads Launches Three New Feature Updates

Bing has announced a three-part update with new, intelligent features to their hotel metasearch module, which are aimed to help users save money and find the bests results relevant to them during their search and booking process.

Here are the three updates on Bing Hotel Ads:

Booking Tips

The first of the updates is a recommendation engine called Booking Tips, which suggests other higher-rated hotels close to the original hotel a user is looking at within the same nightly rate. On the module below, the two boxes populate with a number of hotels with higher rates (4-star, 5-star) within a three and one mile radius of their original search. Showing customers these “tips” allows users to be more informed of the area and the surrounding hotels.

Price Trends

Another feature recently launched by Bing Hotel Ads is Price Trends. This feature allows users to browse price trends over time within a single view. Basically, users will no longer need to search various dates to find a cheaper rate because Bing will show a calendar scheme for the best rate around their ideal time frame. Showing various rates for the same hotel will give users a better understanding of how they can save money by moving their trip up or back a few days if they have flexibility in their travel.

Hotel Comparison

Lastly, Bing Hotel Ads has introduced a Hotel Comparison Tool, which gives users a detailed breakdown of similar hotels available during the sames dates. The details show various features and aspects of different hotels such as distance from airports, shuttles to airports, free Wi-Fi, handicap and non-service pet accessibility, parking, etc. This feature helps users understand the difference between various hotels in their preferred area and gives them the power to make a better, more informed decision.


Ultimately, these three new features not only allow users to save money, but users will feel as though they have gained more power during their search and booking processes by being more informed on hotel features, hotel choices and nightly rates.

Bing Hotel Ads has rolled all of these features out on desktop and only in the United States for now, however, Bing has referenced that all three of these features will be on mobile platforms followed by more international markets in the coming months.

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