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June 28, 2018

Increasing Direct Traffic with KAYAK’s Hotel Specific Inline Ads

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At DerbySoft, we are continuously looking for opportunities for our customers to drive direct bookings, and we are happy to offer KAYAK’s new Hotel Specific Inline ads to help increase direct traffic to your website.

Increasing Your Exposure

KAYAK’s Hotel Specific Inline (HSI) is a cost-per-click advertising asset that allows you to drive demand for your hotel with an engaged travel audience using a sponsored listing. HSI will increase your ad’s position on KAYAK’s search results page.

KAYAK Hotel Specific Inline Ad

HSI have a similar look to a normal hotel rate card which appears in KAYAK’s search results page. The key difference, however, is the absence of online travel agencies on the ad asset. In addition, there is also a message box available which allows for an additional level of

Bidding Model

HSI works under a CPC bidding model with a minimum investment of 1000€.

The HSI ads will be served in between the core search results on KAYAK, and they will share space with core results and other inline ads based on your ad score (CPC x CTR).

It is important to note that the first position is not a guarantee and is dependent on your ad score. However, bidding guidance will be provided to estimate traffic and potential spend adding flexibility to your marketing campaigns.

A great advantage of Hotel Specific Inline is that you are have the flexibility to manage your advertising in several way:

– Utilize your hotel image, room rate and amenities from KAYAK Core
– Increase your positioning by improving your adscore
– Set targeting by a property and point of sale level providing great flexibility
– Can accommodate up to 5 separate budgets

Part of Your Marketing Activity

HSI presents a great opportunity to drive incremental direct traffic to your business and retain your share of the supplier bookings. HSI achieves this by placing your property on the top of the location search results and in front of travelers looking for a specific place to stay.

If you would like to find out more about KAYAK’s Hotel Specific Inline, and how our expert travel marketing specialists can help manage your campaigns then lets get in touch.

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