Ctrip/Trip.com CAST added to Derbysoft’s Digital Solutions

Marketing Services by DerbySoft Raises the Bar for Members with Addition of Ctrip/Trip.com CAST to its Digital Solutions. New Technology Enables DerbySoft Partners to Drive Increased Traffic and Bookings

Marketing Services by DerbySoft has partnered with Ctrip CAST enabling access to all Click Digital Suite users. 

Ctrip , China’s largest online travel company including Trip.com, Qunar.com, Ly.com, offers CAST, a tool enabling hotels to run sponsored ads on the hotel listing page as well as other native recommendation advertising placements. 

Effective immediately, Marketing Services by DerbySoft hotel partners will have full access to the Ctrip platform. This new partnership ensures that members will have the top positions on over ten Ctrip channels, allowing them to outperform their competitors in terms of visibility while driving increased traffic and ultimately boosting bookings. 

Designed by DerbySoft, this integrated solution presents a unique opportunity to connect hotels with a highly engaged travel audience through Intelligent Bidding on CAST.

The new benefits to Marketing Services by DerbySoft partners include: 

Intelligent Bidding: Maximize a ROI across your portfolio, load clicks and have a more even exposure or a weighted exposure set to priorities in order to minimize the loss from double bidding

Multiple Channels: Similar to metasearch campaigns, clients are able to manage campaigns with a shared budget and a single objective on a holistic cross-channel perspective across CAST and other OTA channels rather than the lower-level bids with various granularities defined by each single channel

Automation: You can automatically optimize bids on a holistic cross-channel perspective so you can focus on your commercial strategy rather than the lower-level bids with various granularities defined by each OTA channel

Budget Control: The budget can be set up at both the portfolio level and the hotel level with daily bid optimization using machine learning algorithms

Chares BeeBee, Global Head of Marketing and Sales with Marketing Services by DerbySoft, states, “Here at DerbySoft we have been supporting the hotel sector to cleverly use new solutions, data and intelligent technology to build successful businesses for many years.” 

“Hotels must find ways to stand out from the competition, especially as the competition is fiercer during this post pandemic travel recovery phase. Ctrip CAST presents a huge opportunity, especially when China outbound travel is on the move again. Wider exposure and positioning across Trip.com, LY.com and Qunar is an added benefit.”

To find out more regarding Marketing Services by DerbySoft, please contact Charles BeeBee.

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