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June 25, 2018

Google Adds Occupancy Filter to Hotel Ads Search Results

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For some time now, Google Hotel Ads has been the only metasearch channel that did not allow travelers to include the number of guests as a filter in their searches, and this has been a missed opportunity for bookings since rates usually differ based on various occupancy levels.

Recently, Google has launched an updated occupancy selector on mobile hotel searches.

Google will place the new occupancy selector alongside the date selection fields on their user interface, which will allow users to filter their searches up to four guests.

Google Occupancy Filters

They will also be introducing a new occupancy tip that alerts a user when there are double occupancy rates available for their dates. This tip will appear to users when the rates are not available for searches on one (1), three (3) or four (4) guests. Google has provided the below screenshot to show the new occupancy tip (see “View prices for 2 guests on these dates“).

Google Occupancy Filter with tip

An Opportunity for Better Targeting

To take advantage of this update, ensure you provide rates for numerous occupancy levels. Not only will this distinguish against competitors, but you will increase the chance of driving better and more relevant traffic to your website since users will be farther down your funnel. For example, a business traveler will only require an occupancy for one (1), and if these rates are available, you will be able to provide more tailored and relevant results.

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