The Travel Market is Recovering

The Travel Market is Recovering

Are you ready? As the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic echoes across the globe, the recovery within the travel industry has already started in different regions of the world. STR reports that the United States has been showing a hotel occupancy increase of 10% month over month since April 2020 with summer travels not slowing down in different US regions.

The emergence of Generation Z, people born in or after 1995, and domestic travels since April has changed the booking strategy of tourism in general.2 More than 55% of travelers in Generation Z start their booking journey only a few days before their trips.3

A short booking window, combined with COVID-19, brings up questions for the hotel industry. How does the travel habits of Generation Z solve for remnant hotel inventory? And how do local and regional markets gain the business of Generation Z?

For hotels, this short booking journey has been dubbed tourism peak. Hotels need to be fully displayed on major network platforms to gain the attention of Generation Z customers during these peak seasons to increase revenue.

Luckily,, one of DerbySoft’s globally recognized travel partners, has created a business recovery package to enable hotels to act quickly during the tourism peak.

Here is a list of our top picks on the most impactful recommendations from

Unlock Your Local Market with Last-Minute Mobile Bookings shows that 80% of local bookings come from a mobile phone. Adding a Mobile Rate to your property increases your visibility with last minute booking customers.

Add Mobile Rate on

Unlock Local Bookings with a Domestic Country Rate

As demand starts to increase on, we can expect that the first wave of visitors will be looking for domestic travel. Adding a Domestic Country Rate to your property can help attract these domestic travelers and narrow down to specific regions on

Attract Domestic Bookings

Additional Fundamentals That Can Help Your Property Attract More Guests

Create High-Quality Content 

Your goal is to make guests feel confident that their stay will be as safe, clean and comfortable as their home. Make sure to update your content to reflect the current situation and reassure potential guests by highlighting your hygiene and safety measures.

Show Your Availability 

Once you have set up your rooms, make sure to load the availability for your rooms alongside the policies so that guests can make informed decisions.

Set-Up Sustainable Rate Plans 

Travelers want to be confident that their bookings are flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstance. By offering a mix of different rates, you can help gain a higher visibility and drive more occupancy.

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