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October 13, 2016

Webinar 2.1: Specific MetaSearch Platforms Explained – TripAdvisor

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We’ve created a new set of webinars to help you with budgeting for metasearch in 2017. Each webinar will focus on a major metasearch channel in the metasearch ecosystem. We will explore those channels in-depth to give you the tools you need to decide how best to approach each channel strategically.

Webinar Series 2 Session 1 – TripAdvisor

This free webinar video will explore TripAdvisor. We’re taking a deeper dive into the specific channel that is TripAdvisor to look at not just metasearch, but the other components such as reputation management, business listings and practical strategies you can apply today.

We discuss each element in detail with screenshots and helpful takeaways so you can understand the TripAdvisor platform. This webinar will then allow you to better plan your strategic approach and budget accordingly for 2017.

This session will include:

    • The real value of business listings
    • Metasearch strategies and views
    • Details about TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking programme
    • Questions you need answered to budget correctly for 2017
    • TripAdvisor Advertising
    • How reviews and popularity ranking really affect your cost and placement opportunities



About the presenter Dean Schmit

Dean Schmit works with DerbySoft Click as Sales Operation Manager. Dean lives in Nebraska with his wife and 7-year old son and hopes to one day star in a remake of Gilligan’s Island – will let you decide for yourself which character!

Learn more about metasearch

Got a question? Want to chat about metasearch services with DerbySoft? You can find out more about our metasearch service Click here, or simply contact our business development team directly:

We’re currently the trusted supplier of metasearch services for numerous big hotel chains across the globe, so you can rely on us to create a bespoke metasearch strategy for your business.

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Next steps

Webinar 2.2 – Google

Webinar 2.3 – Alternate platforms

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