DerbySoft Provides Connectivity for Expedia & Atour Hotels

Shanghai, China, July 2019— In partnership, DerbySoft announces the successful connection between Expedia Group and Atour Hotel, a leading lifestyle hotel company based in Shanghai, China. Atour Hotel has recently launched 200 hotels on Expedia which will promote both inbound tourism and business travel within China. This partnership will also boost Atour Hotel’s brand worldwide […]

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The Importance of Personalization

By definition, personalization is a means of meeting the customer’s needs more effectively and efficiently, making interactions faster and easier and, consequently, increasing customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat visits. Personalization, as described above, has been repeated over-and-over in the hospitality and travel technology industries since the launch of hand-held devices. Since the knowledge of […]

Third-Party Distribution for the Chinese Outbound Market

Push or Pull? When evaluating what overseas hotels are doing for the Chinese outbound market, online content is one area that needs attention. There are hotels whose operations have been adapted for Chinese travelers, from offering Mandarin speaking services to letting guests pay via Alipay and WeChat. However, availability of tailored digital content – or […]

Bing Hotel Ads Launches Intelligent Search Features

Bing Hotel Ads Launches Three New Feature Updates Bing has announced a three-part update with new, intelligent features to their hotel metasearch module, which are aimed to help users save money and find the bests results relevant to them during their search and booking process. Here are the three updates on Bing Hotel Ads: Booking […]

Trivago Testing Cheapest Deal on Rate Card

Recently, one of our Digital Marketing Managers noticed a change to Trivago’s user interface. This change is the inclusion of a ‘Cheapest Deal’ slot within the Trivago hotel rate card. Trivago has stated that the test is currently live only on 20% of the traffic for several markets including: Australia, United Kingdom and the United […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Hotel Distribution Smarter

Because of its vast complexity and reliance on a large quantity of data, hotel distribution is one area of the travel sector that has the potential to be greatly improved by artificial intelligence. In today’s hotel distribution landscape, inventory information such as rates and availability data are passed from one party to another through a […]

How to Solve the Hotel Conundrum

When consumers go online to book an upcoming trip, they expect to find answers to their questions — about a hotel’s pet policy, pool hours, or on-site restaurants — with a click or a tap. But making sure such details are readily accessible is not as straightforward as it may seem. Consumers have a wide […]

Five Tips to Converting Your Mobile Visitors

The importance of mobile has been widely accepted by digital advertisers, which is demonstrated when we see adspends continuously increasing. There is a Phocuswright study showing brands allocating 44% of their digital spend through mobile channels.   With the continuous growth in mobile, are you investing time in creating the most streamlined booking experience to […]

The Most Common Myths About Metasearch and PPC Advertising

We recently wrote about the changes to the structure of Google Hotels Ads with the introduction of Campaigns. It’s been known for some time this is Google’s first step to integrating hotel ads into their wider Google Adwords platform. Integrating Hotel Ads into Adwords creates an opportunity for hotel marketers and provides an expanded range […]

Bing Hotel Ads – A new metasearch channel for DerbySoft customers

Since last year, Bing Ads has been working in partnership with DerbySoft to run a beta for their new Hotel Ads offering. As Bing Ads continues to run and expand the beta to new international markets throughout the year, DerbySoft is pleased to announce our clients will be some of the first to have access […]

Additional Callouts Appearing on Google Hotel Ads

Additional Callouts Appearing on Google Hotel Ads Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve noticed more than one callout on Google Hotel Ads. Previously, a callout would display only if an advertiser reached position 1. Now Google has started to make this feature available to advertisers in positions 2 and below. You can see two callouts […]

4 Reasons To Go & Bypass Connectivity Queues

The Global Data Network empowers suppliers and distributors of all sizes and types in the hospitality industry to do business with each other. The ultimate beneficiaries of this evolution are the consumers who increasingly enjoy more choices to fulfill their travel needs. Whether you are a hotel distributor like an online travel agency (OTA) or […]

Google Travel and Book on Google Explained

Following our recent workshops at the HSMAI Digital Strategies Conference 2017, we’d like to share some fantastic insights presented at the conference. For our first workshop, we welcomed Michael Mo, Partner Development Manager at Google, who shared some exciting information about Google Travel and Book on Google. As a recap, listed are a few key […]

How To Save Time Managing Hotel Distribution for Your Independent Hotel

You most likely decided to own an independent hotel for many reasons – the enjoyment of meeting new people, your love of sharing your home and city with visitors, and your desire to increase your income. But odds are pretty high that none of your reasons involved spending hours stuck in front of a computer […]

DerbySoft’s Dee Thomas Wins HEDNA’S Award of Excellence!

Hot off the presses:  Just minutes ago, Dee Thomas, Director of Content Services at DerbySoft, was honored by HEDNA for her many contributions over the years to our industry and to HEDNA. The trade organization’s president, Rajesh Vohra, surprised her with the announcement during a general session in front of many long-time industry friends and […]

Understanding Mobile Conversions in Metasearch

We already know that mobile is seeing record year-over-year growth in the travel industry. A forecast by eMarketer expected 2016 to be a landmark year for travel booking. They predicted that 2016 would be the first year when more than half the travel bookings are made using a mobile device. This is for travel as […]

8 Must-Read Hotel Marketing Rules for Independent Hoteliers

In this age of Internet marketing, successful independent hoteliers need to know and practice a number of marketing rules to compete with the bigger players. While some of these rules may seem sophisticated, the good news is that they’re within reach for every independent hotelier. RULE 1—Write targeted hotel website content Write content for your […]

Metasearch Cross-Channel Optimisation

Remember the good old days of hotel metasearch? It seems like just yesterday when all you had to do was get connected to start enjoying the traffic. OTA sites would scarcely take notice because they had bigger fish to fry, and the mere presence of your direct website as a booking option would have no […]

How To Solve the Connectivity Issue for Smaller Players in the Hospitality Industry

Connectivity between a hotel supplier and distributor over the Internet is the lifeblood of the hospitality business today. Suppliers and distributors come in all sizes, big and small, but their connectivity need is constant and critical. What it takes to establish this connectivity is often the million-dollar question. Lay of the land It’s good to […]

Meta by Phone (aka Google’s Click to Call)

Hotel direct bookings are becoming the most talked about booking method. Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about the latest eCommerce initiatives to drive more business to brand websites. Metasearch, paid search, loyalty programs, discounts, customized experiences and other similar topics tend to be the focus of these initiatives. The desire to […]

One by DerbySoft: Update and Features Revealed

After a year of hard work, effort and enthusiasm, One by DerbySoft’s online distribution platform has publicly launched! One is an integrated tool targeted at independent hotels, guesthouses, and bed and breakfasts. It offers a series of different modules including a website builder, online booking engine, central real-time content updates, and a channel manager. What’s more […]

Opportunities and Challenges for Metasearch Marketing with Hotels

As hotels continue their efforts to keep up with latest and greatest in electronic distribution, the three hottest topics continue to be mobile, social media and metasearch. All three have one common thread we haven’t seen for many years. The ability to target and win direct consumers back to the front door of For […]

How To Win, Manage and Optimise Hotel Prices Ads on Google

As we all know, Google entered the hotel metasearch game with the introduction of Google Hotel Price Ads (HPA) in a number of Google products. These included Google Hotel Finder, Google Maps, Google+ Local and Google Search on desktop, tablet and, increasingly, mobile devices. According to Google: “Hotel Price Ads is a feature that assists users […]

The Switch from Price To Experience

“A trip was the largest discretionary purchase last year according to nearly 60% of leisure travellers,” reports a recent study of U.S. travelers. Consumer trends show that people are willing to pay more for the right experience when booking online. Is it time to shift your travel distribution conversations from price cutting to experience building? […]

Hotel Distribution Events Not To Be Missed!

Hotel distribution events are a fantastic way to network with likeminded professionals, gain industry insight and inspiration to improve your business. The always-fast-paced final third of the year includes several “must attend” travel industry events, and we also need to begin planning our attendance at 2017 industry gatherings. With so much going on, we thought […]

How Small OTAs Can Quickly Connect To Global Hotel Chains

While the big chain hotels are not the majority of hotels in the world, connecting to them is crucial for practically every online travel agency or other seller of hotels. Connecting to the big guys is not only a sign of credibility, but consumers want choice, and that means access to chain properties. The problem […]

Why You Shouldn’t Budget Any Marketing Dollars for Metasearch

Consider this scenario: You are having a great month, as your metasearch traffic and direct-booking volume reach all-time highs. Suddenly, your budget tracking posts an alarm: your monthly marketing budget for metasearch has been consumed already, so you need to pause your red-hot campaign for the remainder of the month! OTAs then pick up the […]

CEO Insight: Evolution of the GDN

In our world of fast moving technology, we take for granted how easy it is to plan and book travel itineraries for flights, hotels, and more. It’s illuminating to reflect on how far our industry has come in just a few years.

How To Build Success with Metasearch Campaigns

The most attractive feature of metasearch is how it helps generate direct-bookings. It enables hoteliers like you to develop long term customer relationship achieve better customer retention and future sales.

5 Easy Ways To Increase Profits by Getting Your Hotel Out There

As an independent hotelier, your main aim is to make sure that your guests are happy. That is, after all, why you joined the hospitality game. But you do need to make a profit, too, and that requires keeping your rooms occupied and controlling costs. For most hoteliers, online distribution is a crucial part of […]

Five Questions To Help Marketers Solve the Metasearch Dilemma

When mobile booking and payment become part of metasearch, it will be even more important to have a single party solution with a seamless closed loop marketing solution. Metasearch continues to be one of the hottest topics for the hospitality industry. We have already written two articles about metasearch and hosted a webinar with Tnooz […]

Wow – A New DerbySoft Website

Hello! Welcome to DerbySoft’s redesigned, totally new website. Boy oh boy, we were certainly due for an overhaul of our little corner of the world wide web, not just because we wanted to update our old site with new content and features, but more importantly, because we really wanted to capture the essence of our organisation. […]